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The Latest News Regarding Proposed Tenant Protections

 Understanding that 67% of all housing units in Glendale are occupied by tenants and that the state’s housing crisis is causing increased pressure on rents, the Glendale Association of REALTORS has worked hard in the past months to help fashion a compromise to rent control that will protect tenants from untoward rent increases at the same time allowing housing providers to offer a continuing supply of quality housing in the city.

While some still call for rent control and some still counter that the city should never have rent control, we believe the motion passed by the City Council last month offers a plan that will protect both sides.

A requirement for apartment owners to offer a  lease will protect renters from unseen rent increases.

A requirement that apartment owners who wish to increase their rents more than 7% must enter into mediation, will give pause to those owners.   A requirement that apartment owners must offer tenant relocation expenses to tenants who choose to move will make those owners think hard about increasing their rents beyond that 7% and give tenants the financial ability to find other housing.  

We look forward to working with city staff and with the council in coming months as the details of this plan are defined.  



For results from Glendale City Council Rent Moratorium discussion click link below.