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C.A.R. Call To Action

Oppose Tax Reform Efforts that Over-Tax the Middle-Class

Call Congress Today!

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2017 REALTOR & Citizen of the Year

 It's time to nominate your choices for REALTOR® and Citizen of the year! 

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Can Tree Banquet 2017

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Help To Stop Rent Control


Everyone thought 2016 was a big year for political activity. In the fight for homeownership and the real estate industry, 2017 is showing us that we haven’t seen anything yet. With your help we will protect homeownership and your bottom line in 2017. Please make your 2017 RAF contribution today!

A contribution of just $20.00 will helpI


What’s on the horizon for 2017?


Just imagine your career if:


Congress got rid of the Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction (MID), taking away the primary tax benefit of homeownership … Tax reform is high on the agenda for the new Congress.


Prevent rent control in Glendale. There is currently a rent control petition in circulation in the city looking to qualify a rent control initiative for the ballot.


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