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You Can Help Stop Rent Control



Everyone thought 2016 was a big year for political activity. In the fight for homeownership and the real estate industry, 2017 is showing us that we haven’t seen anything yet. With your help we will protect homeownership and your bottom line in 2017. Please make your 2017 RAF contribution today!

A contribution of just $20.00 will help!


What’s on the horizon for 2017?


Just imagine your career if:


Congress got rid of the Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction (MID), taking away the primary tax benefit of homeownership … Tax reform is high on the agenda for the new Congress.


Prevent rent control in Glendale. There is currently a rent control petition in circulation in the city looking to qualify a rent control initiative for the ballot.


Rent control applied to single-family homes and the government prohibited landlords from resetting the rent to market rate when a tenant moved out. There is a move in the state legislature right now to repeal Costa-Hawkins, the law that protects single-family homes from rent control and allows for market rate adjustments.


Cities stopped building housing or built too close to single-family neighborhoods. City councils are under incredible pressure on one side to stop building housing; and on the other, to build so much new construction that it harms the character of neighborhoods. We need a strong REALTOR® voice for smart, sensibly located new housing, so that you have homes to sell and places where your buyers can move!


Without REALTOR® contributions, there could be no REALTOR® Action Fund. Without the REALTOR® Action Fund, proposals like these and many more would become law – hurting homeowners and your bottom line! Please make your 2017 contribution today!


Together, we can protect our clients and make our industry thrive no matter what comes our way!


Addora Beall

2017 Glendale Association President